Earlier this year we have launched our Accidents Are No Joke campaign to highlight the risks posed by Slips, Trips and Falls hazards.

Back in September we highlighted a risk of Slips, Trips and Falls whilst walking prompting you to pay attention to all tasks that involve walking.

The latest instalment takes a closer look at the risk of Slips, Trips and Falls whilst performing a task and the subsequent preventive measures.  The instalment reminds us to always obey and follow our Lifesaving Rules, apply our Free to be Safe principles and Take 5 before commencing work.

As part of the briefing material, a video was produced of the comic strip which prompted staff to engage in safety conversations and discuss with their colleagues what would they do if they were put in a similar situation.

Slips Trips and Falls: Performing a Task Talking Points

These talking points include:

  • Would you jump in to help without stopping to Take 5?
  • What would stop you helping?
  • Would you apply our Free to be Safe principles?
    • Do I understand the risks of my tasks?
    • I am free to Speak up, Challenge or Stop Work
    • Do I have the right equipment, PPE and competencies?
  • How would you consider the risks to you and to others?
  • Would you stop to plan and scan your route?
  • What do YOU do to prevent unsafe acts and conditions?

Watch out for the third instalment of Accidents Are No Joke campaign early in 2021!

In the meantime, if you come across an unsafe condition or witness an unsafe act Feel Free to Speak Up, Challenge or Stop Work. And remember, it’s ok to tell CARL.