The Colas Rail Group has more than 35 years’ experience managing and delivering high-speed rail projects.

Colas Rail Group have been involved in key strategic projects in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Morocco, South Korea and the UK delivering track works on 14 high-speed lines in both ballastless and ballasted track systems in open route and tunnels extending to over 6602 Single Track Kilometres (STK).

Colas Rail’s high-speed Overhead Catenary Systems (OCS) experience is significant, having delivered 4151STK many of which currently operate at 320km/h.

In the UK we delivered High Speed 1 (Channel Tunnel Rail Link) Section 1: building 74km of new high-speed double track line from the Channel Tunnel to Fawkham Junction.

Our services include project management, coordination, installation, testing and commissioning and maintenance as well as the integration of our supply chain for the benefit of our clients, stakeholders and rail network users.

A few project highlights include:

  • Morocco (Tangier-Kenitra) High-Speed Line: this was the first high-speed line in Africa, 185km of new double track and OCS between Tangier and Kenitra, with a design speed of 320km/h.
  • High Speed 1 (Channel Tunnel Rail Link) Section 1: Colas Rail built 74km of new high-speed double track line from the Channel Tunnel to Fawkham Junction in north Kent, with a design speed of 300 km/h, including the OCS and Mechanical and Electrical equipment and services.
  • Nîmes-Montpellier Railway Bypass: was the first mixed high-speed line dedicated to both passenger and freight transport. Colas Rail were responsible for building 80km of new high-speed track and OCS initially designed to 220km/h for passengers and then increased to 300km/h.
  • Turin – Milan High-Speed Line: as part of a consortia, where Colas Rail are the lead party for the Overhead Catenary and High Voltage Power Systems, we were awarded the technological upgrade over the entire high-speed section to increase the line speed from its current operational speed of 300km/h to 360km/h.

Our methodology and systems of work have evolved and continually improved with each project, with an incremental increase in our collective knowledge. Key to excellent project delivery is our ability to interface with the client and other delivery partners, harnessing our long and fruitful track record of success to overcome challenges that arise.