Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is to:

  • Ensure the safety, health and security of our people
  • Promote enrichment of our workforce by attracting talented people, building loyalty and supporting their development
  • Promote respect for ethics and integrity
  • Protect the environment
  • Commit to adding social value
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

At Colas Rail, we believe sustainable development is not a constraint, but a driving force behind innovation, creativity and all matters relating to health, safety and the environment. We are a company that cares about our corporate and social responsibility, therefore we are always looking at how we manage and improve our impact on both the environment and society.

We are committed to environmental protection and embracing a sustainable approach, embodied by our Environmental Management Systems being ISO:14001 certified.

Our environmental policy sets out our intent for our internal environmental management strategy whilst additionally we providing support to collaborative industry initiatives to holistically improve environmental performance and contribute to a sustainable railway. Through setting ambitious environmental objectives and targets, we identify, manage, reduce and eliminate our impacts and continually improve our environmental performance.

For further information on our environmental arrangements please get in touch with CRUKSustainability@colasrail.com

The Birth of
‘Sites of the Future’

We are conscious of the impact our work has on the environment and local communities, therefore we are doing everything we can to reduce this.

Alongside our alliance partners, we have taken on the challenge of introducing sustainable measures to our sites – embracing solar and battery powered energy, sourcing biodegradable products and practicing local sourcing, to improve the sustainability of our works and reduce our carbon footprint. In some cases, we have achieved a 97% diesel-free operation.

‘Sites of the Future’

Discover the role we play in empowering the rail infrastructure industry to become more sustainable.

One Tree Per Child Bristol Volunteer Day

Explore how the team came together to support the local community and ultimately give back to nature.

St Katherines School Volunteering

Learn more about our recent volunteering project, where we committed to improving the facilities at a local hospice for residents and family members.