Everyone at Colas Rail is ‘Free to be Safe’

From the CEO to our colleagues on the front line, safety is everyone’s responsibility. We aim to look after each other and to go home safe every day.

We promote a safety culture where we are free to:

  • Speak up about unsafe conditions
  • Stop work in order to reassess the situation
  • Challenge each other when we feel something isn’t right

These safety behaviours are underpinned by an open, honest and fair culture, ingrained at every level within our teams as a key responsibility.

Our absolute commitment to safety shows through management leadership and the positive behavioural safety attitudes demonstrated by our people, showing that safety is integral to everything that we do.

Everyone at Colas Rail, including those within our supply chain, has the freedom to:

  • Not do it if it is not safe
  • Manage their own fatigue
  • Report any unsafe acts
  • Use the right tools
  • Always follow the rules

A safe working environment is one where safety conversations are considered the norm and encouraged at all levels.


Close Calls & Carl


Our award-winning, industry recognised workforce safety tool, Carl, is a cross-platform mobile app which promotes safety proactivity within the business.

Available to all Colas Rail employees, suppliers and industry partners, the primary use for Carl is to provide all users with a simple, quick and accessible way to report close calls and safety conversations, which remain an important tool in improving the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, our suppliers and members of the public. We have seen a direct link between an increase in safety conversations and a reduction in accidents.

Carl provides:
  • All users with a simple and quick way to report close calls and start safety conversations
  • A reminder of the life-saving rules which make up the basis of our company values and ensure “Safety at the forefront of everything we do”
Download now:

Visit the Apple App store for iOS phones, the Play store for Android phones or the Windows store for Windows phones.


Lets Meet Carl…

Who uses CARL?

Our customers, partners and suppliers use Carl to report close calls on our sites. 


If you have any questions when using the Carl app, then please email us at: carl@colasrail.com

Disclaimer for App Usage
This application is owned and licensed by Colas Rail and must only be used by workers operating at a Colas Rail site in the UK and in all cases under Colas Rail’s safety case.
By using the application, you acknowledge this notice and you agree that:
1. it is your personal obligation to correctly report accidents and close-calls – this application is not a replacement for common sense reporting;
2. abuse of the application and incorrect reporting endangers lives and may carry criminal sanctions; and
3. this application may only be used to report “close-calls” and must not in any circumstances be used to report serious accidents – the normal reporting processes for such must continue to be followed.
If you have any doubt over any of the points made in this notice, please do not use the application but rather seek advice from your local SHEQ advisor.