Colas Rail’s success is built upon our ability to harness the best of our supply chain and to build professional, collaborative relationships based on performance that ensures people get home safe every day.

Colas Rail UK’s Procurement Process

Our Commitment to SME’s

Colas Rail continues to commit to the Government’s SME target of a minimum 33% spend with SMEs. We have exceeded this for the last 3 years, rising to over 40% in 2021/22, based on the contracts currently held, for future years.
Colas Rail commits to pay our SME’s promptly, we were an original signatory to Network Rail’s Fair Payment Charter, and happy to support the Governments Prompt Payment Code.

We adhere to five key actions:



Colas Rail are keen to obtain the best suppliers to support our delivery portfolio. If you have a product or services that will help drive efficiency and effectiveness in the railway,


Thorough assessment of suppliers and their safety practices and through audit and demonstration of their proven capability and competency to keep people safe for all activities including those on or near the line.


Regular communication with our supply chain. Once appointed Colas Rail ensure that we maintain regular dialogue to ensure that our requirements are fully understood, that good safety behaviours are embedded, and documentation is approved in advance of works commencing.


Performance will be monitored through leading KPIs and ‘League Tables’ that are visible and verifiable.


Where appropriate, and in line with our Ethics policy, we will incentivise suppliers to attain excellence, recognising their efforts and contribution to improved performance whether this is safety, financial, technical, environmental or social value.

Principles that Govern Colas Rail UK’s Supplier Management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Colas Rail are committed to a proactive sustainable development approach in our purchasing, which is an important component of our activities.

Our main investor Bouygues has set out the wider Group’s CSR charter for our suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and service providers to define the commitments  expected  by the Group in terms of ethics, fighting corruption, respect for human rights, compliance with labour standards, as well as health and safety, and environmental protection.


Modern Day Slavery Statement

Our dedicated teams possess a deep understanding of the railway, helping us to develop safe and efficient solutions that consider the needs of the passenger during design, construction and throughout the life of the new infrastructure.

Ideas and Innovations

To help sponsor, encourage and promote rail sector related innovation for goods, works and services.  Colas Rail would like new and existing suppliers to contact us with their ideas that could drive improvements in the markets in which we work.  Please submit your ideas by clicking the link

Submit Innovation Here

Procurement Contacts

Should you wish to supply to Colas Rail, we have three key contact as shown below which represent our three principal markets.

Get in touch to supply to Infrastructure, Services or Urban:

  • Our Infrastructure business provides multi-disciplinary design and build services to the mainline railways
  • Our Rail Services business provides freight and on-track plant services
  • Our Urban business provides multi-disciplinary design and build services to metro and light rail systems, both to new and existing networks

General Request Form

FAQ’s and useful documents  

Our Expertise

Rail Infrastructure

Colas Rail is a leading provider of rail infrastructure services both nationally and globally – from simple projects, through to highly complex schemes.

We deliver:

  • Track Installation, Renewal and Maintenance
  • Signalling
  • Electrification (Overhead Catenary Systems and 3rd Rail)
  • High Voltage and Traction Power
  • Rolling Stock Refurbishment and Maintenance
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Rail Services

We focus on flexibility, efficiency and reliability – working in partnership with our customers to offer our expertise across our core service areas.

We deliver:

  • Operation and Maintenance of On Track Plant
  • Rail Freight Transport
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Urban Rail

We aim to provide urban transportation systems to connect residents and enhance local communities, while positively impacting the environment. Our passenger services improve mobility within and around urban or suburban areas.

We deliver:

  • Light / Metro Rail
  • Tramway Services
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High Speed Rail

With more than 35 years’ experience in High-Speed delivery, our established design process has enabled us to produce successful projects and even break a few records.

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Safety is our number one priority and goes hand in hand with performance. We will always put the safety of our people first. Everyone at Colas Rail is ‘Free to be Safe.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand – CEO Colas Rail Ltd

We are committed to building on our successful track record through continuous innovation and investment in our people and technology.

Ondrej Roubicek – Deputy CEO Colas Rail Ltd

Our leadership in this industry is directly linked to our attention to our customers’ needs, executing effective solutions to meet and exceed expectations and our talented staff’s dedication to achieving success.