We’re delighted to share the Annual Football Tournament is back, returning on Wednesday 11th of September 2024 and we’re calling on you to gather your teams!

To take part, we need your team sheets sent to our Marketing team by 29th of July 2024 to ensure your kits are ready on the day.

No team? No problem! Single players are welcome to sign up, we’ll make sure no one misses out!

Everyone is welcome, if you want to come and cheer on your team you’re more than welcome to join us (please get permission from your line manager beforehand!)

Ahead of July, our Strategic Plant team have been meticulously planning the travel plans of our Kirow 1200 crane to travel for a complete refurbishment at Kirow’s facilities in Leipzig, Germany.

The crane’s journey first started at Nemesis Rail’s yard, traveling with police escort to board a ferry.

olas Rail UK’s Signalling team recently completed the installation of four new level crossings in Cornwall.

This package of works included a Level Crossing at Terras, situated alongside the East Looe River and of significance given the location and previous system in place. Prior to the new level crossing, Terras Level Crossing, located on the Looe Branch was an Open crossing with trains reducing their speed and sounding their horn as their only method to warn pedestrians and traffic.

Colas Rail UK have since upgraded the crossing, to an Automatic Half Barrier (AHB) Crossing, implementing additional safety features such as barriers and road traffic lights to minimise the safety risk to the public and allow trains to continue at a faster speed, without stopping.

Similar upgrades have also been made to three other previously Open crossings, upgrading Lodge Farm, also on the Looe Branch, to an AHB crossing. Sandways and Okeltor, located on the Calstock Branch have been upgraded to Automatic Open Crossing Locally Monitored due to site constraints.

The 18th July marks the start of South Asian Heritage Month.

This year’s theme is called “Free to be me”, a very versatile theme asking individuals, communities and organisations to embrace differences in heritage and culture and truly foster inclusivity. In line with the Trust’s values- to “celebrate”, “commemorate”, “educate”– this month is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the significance of South Asian heritage in the workplace and British society.

Our Urban division have recently commenced essential maintenance works as part of the South Yorkshire Supertram.

Working for South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA), we are utilising our light rail expertise to complete a programme of repairs relating to the encapsulating polymer product surrounding the rail and multiple repairs to the concrete track slab which also makes up the carriageway.

On 24th June, in collaboration with Bouygues UK, we hosted a Women in Leadership event, alongside Colas Limited and Equans. This event was not only a testament to the strides made in promoting gender diversity in engineering and leadership but also a powerful call to action for continued progress.

You can read the article in full here.

In early July, our 56113 was the first train in 14 years to arrive at Eastriggs, Scotland.

The reason behind the visit was our team and loco were hauling a Network Rail Winter Development Vehicle to store in anticipation for the winter months.

SRSA’s Team Cambridge once again joined forces with Cambridge City Council to make the most of the (short lived) summer heat for a day of volunteering and to give back to our site neighbours.

Heading to Hobson’s Park, the team spent the day removing ragwort from a local field which will be harvested by farmers for cattle feed

Fantastic work team, great job!

We’re delighted to share that our Refer a Friend scheme has been relaunched!

Know someone who you think would be a good fit for one of our live vacancies? Recommend them to Kate Morpeth and our Recruitment Team and if they’re hired for one of our outstanding roles you could earn £1000 for making the introduction.

To see our current vacancies check out the QR code in the images above and below or visit our vacancies hub.