Throughout the festive season and going into 2021, the South Rail Systems Alliance (SRSA) has taken on a comprehensive construction programme that encompassed the regions they occupy in the UK.

Here’s a round-up of some of the sites they’ve visited during the Winter season, including the crucial Christmas works.

Bristol East

One of our teams in the Bristol Division were working closer to home as they were on the Paddington to Bristol line for a three-day blockade that started on Christmas Day, where they were renewing five S&C point ends, scrapping out the existing sleepers and rails, excavating the track, re-ballasting and installing new rails and sleepers in panels with the help of our Kirow 1200 and using PEM/LEM machines provided by Geismar.

Other works include installing topstone, tandem tamping, mechanically setting up the points, installing new points heating, installing a new all line gantry (with help from the Kirow) and signal foundations. In addition to the track works the SRSA are also the Principal Contractor for the project, where they worked alongside Alstom to integrate the signalling works into the programme.

In addition to the track works the SRSA are also the Principal Contractor for the project, where they worked alongside Alstom to integrate the signalling works into the programme.

Cardiff West

Another of our Bristol Project teams were based in Cardiff West for six days completing the first of three stages of construction on the line.

The team were required to undertake the renewal of five point ends and associated plain line, 45m of coper renewals along with all associated signalling, OLE and E&P along with 96 welds during that time.

Speaking about the works, Wales & Western Programme Director, Brian Paynter said “Well done to everyone involved in the planning and delivery of this job over the New Year, especially after the issues with the isolation right at the start.

“Also thank you all for giving up your new year in order to do so, managing with COVID threats and a mix of weather conditions over the duration of the possession.

A tricky job, safely delivered to time and a good set up for the next two stages in a couple of weeks.”

Following on from the Christmas possession, the SRSA Bristol team resumed works in Cardiff and completed the second phase of works.

For this phase, they were given the task of installing a new S&C unit and associated plain line with the help of a Kirow Crane. Our Signalling Team also took on the testing and commissioning of the new IBCL points motor for the new S&C unit.

The team also completed a 300mm excavation allowing them to install geogrid, geotextile, fresh ballast and top stone which was subsequently tamped on site.

Cardiff Central

Our involvement in Cardiff didn’t end there though, with a team at Cardiff Central braving the elements to deliver the renewal of 9211 points in challenging weather conditions brought on by Storm Darcy.

The site also incorporated sustainable battery powered lighting, provided by Prolectric.

Old Oak Common, London

Our dedicated OLE team have spent the majority of 2020 based in Old Oak Common to prepare for the upcoming HS2 station and that remained the case over Christmas, with their planned works revolving around the recovery of an overhead line wirerun and the 25kV feed for the Heathrow Express depot based there.

To reduce our carbon footprint, the team will be using battery powered tools on this scheme to complete the OLE construction. These works were a key stage in decommissioning the Heathrow Express depot to create space to allow this new station to be built.

Purley, London

One of our delivery teams were based in Purley, London working on the Reedham line at a unique site that required the installation of reverse curve check rail that unable to be lifted by standard RRVs.

To create a solution the team utilised the Colas Kirow 1200 crane to lift the 60ft pre-curved concrete panels with check rail were installed over end amassing for a total of 30 panels, delivering 556 yards of renewals, safely and on time.

Parks Bridge School Junction, Lewisham, London

Parks Bridge School Junction was delivered safely by our Tonbridge team over a five-day blockade and handed back on time and at line speed causing no delays to the passengers.

The team worked to renew six points ends, install 700m of conductor rail, two new track disconnectors, over 3000m of new cabling along with an upgrade of all points heating equipment, with 150 joints welded and the site fully stressed.

Our signalling team were also involved heavily where they successfully delivered six IBCL’s, two new location units (built at the SRSA Tonbridge depot by our team), 26 AC track circuits, 15 WH/HR impedance bonds, three AWS’s, two signals, three TSS and a OSS TPWS’s.

Colchester, Essex

The Anglia division of the SRSA had an 11-day possession at Colchester Station to allow the team to renew 8 points and install 823m of plain line track.

The team also completed 45m of coper works and installed a sliding buffer stop for one of the platforms.

In a video produced by Network Rail Anglia Capital Delivery Director, Boris Lucic spoke highly of the team, check out the video below for more details.

Westbury, Wiltshire

Last but by no means least, over the course of 16 weeks of Saturday night possessions, the works are due to be completed to the refurbishment works at Westbury Station.

In total around 80 Bearers, including new Screws and Ferrules have been changed on two separate points, the tracks were then tamped.

Here’s one of our Tampers finishing off the track renewals before heading back to Westbury Yard.

All the works featured were completed and handed over to the clients on time and without incident, thank you for all your efforts during the festive season and into the New Year!

The SRSA is comprised of Colas Rail UK, Network Rail and AECOM.