We’re delighted to share that Colas Rail UK’s Urban division as part of the Midland Metro Alliance (MMA) has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) innovation specialists, Exodigo to enhance our survey capabilities.

Harnessing AI in a first for the UK Light Rail industry, Exodigo conduct non-intrusive surveys to provide accurate estimations of buried utility services (including gas, sewage and electricity etc.) to minimise delays of the MMA’s construction programme and potential disruptions to locals.

With traditional methods still bringing a high level of risk, additional support was needed and subsequently Exodigo were approached to conduct surveys with multi-sensing technology and AI-powered subsurface insights.

The benefits of this innovation include:

  • Safety on buried services strike risk
  • Cost reduction on simplification of buried services identification process and work delivery
  • Quality & Planning: All the information in one place
  • Time: Less strikes reduce the need to stop the work

Colas Rail UK Project Manager Hamish Falconer said: “Excavating around buried services is one of our biggest risks, and the stat plans provided by statutory undertakers are in large part inaccurate.

Exodigo’s surveys, especially during the design phase provide us with much more reliable data that can then be used to select safer and more efficient excavation techniques around known services.”

Exodigo’s new UK director, Trevor Moore, said: “Redesigns and service strikes as a result of incomplete or inaccurate subsurface mapping continue to be a problem in the UK. In my time in the industry, I have seen these issues cause costly delays to critical projects and it puts lives at risk. Exodigo’s technology has the potential to mitigate many of the risks associated with large infrastructure projects by providing comprehensive information about what lies beneath the surface. I’m looking forward to working with our UK clients to support their capital projects.”

Colas Rail UK’s Business Development Director, Alejandro Moreno said: “At Colas Rail, we pride ourselves on embracing disruptive and innovative technology. We consider ourselves changemakers, and we are extremely impressed with Exodigo’s revolutionary subsurface imaging capabilities. We look forward to employing Exodigo’s technology in our current and future capital projects to ensure safe and timely project delivery.”

First Published: 10th July 2023